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In its mission to deliver unique, most secure and highly versatile technologies to software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, Wibu-Systems has developed CodeMeter, a comprehensive and award-winning suite of hardware- and software-based entitlement solutions for the protection of software rights and technical know-how against piracy, reverse engineering, tampering, sabotage, and espionage.


A Safer Journey for Java Applications 


Java is everywhere and risks are lurking at every corner of the Java journey. To circumnavigate them, AxProtector Java comes with the ability to automatically encrypt the Java Byte Code. It can only be decrypted on the fly during loading and before the JVM springs into action, and only if the right license is available. No decrypted Byte Code will find its way onto the hardware during the entire process. And all hardware and software-based CodeMeter license containers are supported.

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Protecting .NET Standard 2.0 Applications  


.NET Standard provides a specification for the .NET APIs that simplifies interoperability and compatibility between different .NET environments, making it easier for developers to implement their applications or migrate from one platform to another. AxProtector .NET is able to protect .NET applications using the entire .NET Framework. In particular, the AxProtector .NET Standard flavor can protect .NET Standard 2.0 applications, including .NET Core 2.0 and applications for Mono 5.4.

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Dominating Industrie 4.0 with Secure Software Licensing 


The key element of the new CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 is compatibility: Compatibility with any embedded system platform and operating system, the complete array of Wibu-Systems’ hardware and software secure elements, and all the core elements of CodeMeter

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IIoT Endpoint Security – The Model in Practice 


Secure endpoints, namely devices that employ both computation and communications resources and expose functional capabilities, are your first line of defense against cyberattacks.

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OPC UA Security: Native and Add-on Solutions for the Rise of Smart Factories 


OPC UA is a multi-platform, plug & play Information Exchange Standard that is facilitating the convergence of OT and IT. CodeMeter Embedded fully supports the defined Security Profiles, configurations and provides even stronger security.

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Embedded Security and the Internet of Things - challenges, trends, solutions. 


Cisco forecasts that by 2020 there will be 50 billion connected devices on the planet spanning everything from entertainment and information to the industrial and medical markets

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Embedded security in ARM-based microcontrollers 


CodeMeter µEmbedded extends the security features to Programmable Logic Controllers and microcontrollers. The integration with the XMC4000 microcontroller from Infineon Technologies offers software developers the ability to protect and license their code

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CodeMeter secures CODESYS applications 


The partnership between 3S-Smart Software Solutions and Wibu-Systems was born out of the market need for IP protection against reverse engineering, and copy protection against counterfeiting attempts.

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Secure license management at the heart of embedded systems and integrity protection 


As cyberphysical systems are introduced in manufacturing, security and safety become vulnerable under the cyberattacks to embedded software, machines and plants.

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The Wibu-Systems Podcast

Privacy Policy

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG (WIBU®), a privately held company founded by engineers Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit in 1989, is an innovative technology leader in the global software license lifecycle management. In its mission to deliver unique, most secure and highly flexible technologies to software publishers and industrial manufacturers, Wibu-Systems has developed a comprehensive, award-winning suite of hardware- and software-based solutions incorporating internationally patented processes dedicated to the integrity protection of digital assets and intellectual property. Wibu-Systems’ product portfolio addresses a wide variety of application delivery models, including PCs, mobile, embedded automation, cloud computing, SaaS, and virtualized architectures. 

Through its motto “Perfection in Protection, Licensing and Security”, Wibu-Systems is standing up for ethically produced software and reinforces its vocation to eradicate software counterfeiting, reverse engineering, code tampering, as well as device and smart factory sabotage, espionage and cyber-attacks.

With its flagship CodeMeter® all-in-one security platform, Wibu-Systems facilitates software monetization techniques to meet the increasing demand for top line revenue growth through the reduction of bottom line costs and the enablement of new marketing strategies. Software powered businesses, whether in the consumer, corporate or embedded systems realm, can create, deliver, and manage an entire orchestration of ready-made license models able to address their singular needs. In a market that is becoming more and more customer oriented, it is strategic to also personalize the offering terms of functionalities, pricing and compliance, and this is where Wibu-Systems enters the game with value added consulting services, localized engineering support and secure hosting.

With more than 50% of its employees involved in research and development, Wibu-Systems has pioneered a number of ingenious technologies, and empowered software developers and intelligent device manufacturers to deliver secure products that meet their customers’ needs. In fact, Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter and WibuKey security solutions have won several hackers’ contests and are acknowledged and trusted worldwide. Sophisticated use of cryptography, secure key storage, full integration of an unparalleled line-up of form factors within the same framework, license model agnostic hardware, and interoperability with all major computer-based, embedded, real time and PLC operating systems are some of the key differentiators that allow Wibu-Systems to position itself at the forefront and propel software businesses to new heights.

Wibu-Systems is DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified and an active member of international and domestic organizations, like BITKOM, VDMA, IIC or TCG as well as standardization committees, such as the USB Implementers Forum, the SD Cards Association and the OPC Foundation. Wibu-Systems has qualified itself as a certified Microsoft Gold OEM Hardware Partner and Wind River Validated Partner; it has also joined the developer programs of Adobe, Apple, Autodesk, Oracle, QNX, and many others. The company’s products have received several awards: Just in 2014, CodeMeter has won the SIIA CODiE Awards for “Best Content Rights and Delivery Solution”, and the German IT-Security Prize for BlurryBox® cryptography. CmStick has also been granted the International iF Product Design Award and has been nominated for the German design award (Designpreis der Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

The company is leading different research projects with universities and other bodies, partially funded by the German BMBF (Ministry for Education and Research) and BMWE (Ministry for Economic Affairs). Among them are MimoSecco, EmbOSYST and OpSIT, respectively for cloud computing, embedded operating systems and smart technologies. Wibu-Systems is also cooperating with KIT (the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), the Fraunhofer Institute, DFKI (the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence), SmartFactoryKL and FZI (the Research Center for Information Technology) on a number of research and development activities.

Headquartered in Karlsruhe, Germany, Wibu-Systems holds wholly owned subsidiaries in Seattle, USA, as well as in Shanghai and Beijing, China; the company also has sales offices in Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom and a capillary world distribution network.

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